Offering the hottest new tan accelerators like,

  • Designer Skin
  • California Tan
  • Australian Gold
  • Swedish Beauty
  • Emerald Bay


We have lotions that serve to Protect, Preserve and Promote, a Faster, Darker, and Healthier tan. Quality accelerators can help you tan up to 30% faster by chemically stimulating the production of melanin. Just as importantly, they nourish and keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best – allowing you to tan safely, effectively and even less expensively – less expensively because your tan develops more quickly and lasts longer, therefore, reducing the frequency with which you must tan, not to mention how much more supple your skin will look and feel while maintaining its youthful appearance.“Consumer Reports” ratings are posted on every lotion package to help you make an informed and cost effective decision.

Unique, Designer Sunglasses, Handbags and Bath & Body Wears at great prices for our tanning customers.

Everything to make your tanning as productive and satisfying as possible;

  • Lotion applicators for the back
  • UV-protectors for your hair color and French manicures.caltan
  • Disposable gloves to apply bronzers
  • Hair elastics
  • Nail polishes, deodorant, fresh body mists
  • Make-up remover
  • Private room intercoms














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