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             UV-Tans Traditional and Smart Beds

  • FREE First Tan (no purchase necessary)
  • iStock_000012505713XSmallFREE Unlimited TANNING for 7 Days (no purchase necessary, details below)
  • Tan FREE on any one Weekend! (no purchase necessary)
  • 25% off ANY Smart Bed package or membership
  • 6 Traditional level 1 tans $34  ($58 value)
  • FREE parking

          UV-Free Smart Spray Tans – New Customers

  • 1 UV-Free Smart spray Tan $21  (up to $36 value)
  • 2 UV-Free Smart spray Tans $39 (up to $72 value)
  • 3 UV-Free Smart spray Tans $60 (Holidays Special, $108 value)
  • 4 UV-Free Smart spray Tans $79  (up to $144 value)


 Walk-ins Welcome, ID required, terms may apply – call with questions

SAMPLE PRICING (Location Dependent)

Service Average Starting Price
Single visit (no pkg) $8 each
10 Visit Package $69 (only $6.90 each)
1 Month Unlimited $14.88/mth + $3.88/tan

UV-Free Spray Tans: $19.99/visit packages & 29.99 single visits

 NEW’S FLASH: Harvard Medical School documented that one of the more significant benefits to tanning is “increased Confidence and Sex Appeal”…..Smart Tan’s technologically advanced beds have all the features to unleash your sex appeal FASTER, SAFER & LESS COSTLY than ever before.

Facebook PROMO INSTRUCTIONS free 7 Day Lifestyle package

(new customers, limited time only, no purchase/obligation)

INSTRUCTIONS: Come in to the salon nearest you with the code phrase “Tanning for Confidence & Sex Appeal”.  Staff will activate your Free 7 Day Lifestyle Membership after confirming that you have LIKED & RECOMMENDED our FB Page.  Staff will then assist you to “check-in” and “Tag” at least 7 friends.

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