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Smart Tanning pro­vides all the ben­e­fits OF VITAMIN D while devel­op­ing a richly dark health­ier tan in as lit­tle time, in as few ses­sions, and as gen­tly to the skin as pos­si­ble.” (Har­vard Med­ical School Research)

Smart Tanning offers Five Dis­tinct Lev­els of State-of-the-Art, High Per­for­mance Equip­ment and Bulbs that are pre­ci­sion engi­neered to emit only narrow-band UVA and UVB tan­ning light at the opti­mal ratio for each stage of tan­ning. The fil­ter­ing of all but the effec­tive light waves to these ideal pro­por­tions is crit­i­cal to faster, safer and less costly tan­ning. This elim­i­nates unnec­es­sary and use­less expo­sure, and max­i­mizes tan­ning capa­bil­ity at each level.

The lev­els are often described as “helping to ensure that you tan, not burn, that you pay for no more than you need, and that you tan healthier, UNLEASHING YOUR TRUE SEX APPEAL.”

Because Smart Beds have more VA Tan­ning Ray and less UVB Burn­ing Ray out­put the higher the level, one can, and should start tan­ning in the high­est level avail­able with increased ses­sion times. This is very unlike tra­di­tional beds where a tan­ner starts at the low­est lev­els hav­ing the low­est Tan­ning and Burn­ing outputs.


Examples of Posts…

How often should I tan?  every 1-3 days to build; every 3-14 days (depending upon skin type, and choice of equipment/lotion) to maintain and to experience the mental and physical health benefits.

How do I Tan Safely & Effectivey? Save money, time and your youthful appearance by avoiding traditional beds and seeking State-of-the-Art equipment with maximum UVA (tanning) and minimum UVB (burning). Tanning in high-end UVA machines is faster, safer, and no more expensive than tanning many more times in less effective beds. ALWAYS use machines with High-Pressure facials (pure UVA) for the more delicate, and difficult to tan, skin of the face. Tanning beds equipped with after-bronzers provide the ideal opportunity for safer, more effective tanning.  If still concerned, alternate UV & UV Free weekly.

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