Benefits for Indoor Tanning

Glowing bronze skin is a highly desired mark of beauty. Indoor tanning is an easy way to achieve gorgeous skin and feel beautiful. There are several advantages to indoor tanning:

Control of UV Exposure

The main advantage of indoor tanning is that you can control the amount of UV rays you expose your skin to. Some people sunburn very easily and do not spend much time outdoors in the sun. When laying outdoors in the hot sun it easy to expose the skin to dangerously high levels of UV rays. Indoor tanning allows you to quickly get tanned without injuring your skin unknowingly. This is helpful to prevent aging which rapidly increases with overexposure to UV light. Tropical Tan offers two of the worlds most advanced high pressure tanning beds, the Magic & Sunsport. They filter out most UVB rays and one session is equivalent to 6-10 sessions in a conventional bed.

Tan in the Winter

Indoor tanning allows you to tan no matter what the weather is like. When tanning outside is nearly impossible, tanning indoors will keep your skin beautiful and bronze even in the harshest weather conditions. Tropical Tan offers a large selection of tanning lotions & skin care to help you keep that beautiful glow. Using tanning lotion can increase your tan up to 30-40%.

Fast and Convenient

Most people do not have the time to lay for hours on the beach in the sun tanning. The great benefit of indoor tanning is it allows you to achieve a tan quickly and easily. The average indoor tan takes less than 20 minutes, most people see results after one tanning session. Tropical Tan offers 9 levels of tanning. Try out the Eclispe stand-up with 3-4 times the UVA performance of a typical tanning bed and with just the right amount of UVB to trigger your melanin reserves, which will get you over your tanning plateau in a 7 minute session.