CD History- How segregation shaped the neighborhood

Seattle wasn t the only place. When I graduated high school in 1952 I [url=]sunglasses ray ban portugal[/url]
sold suits door to door with my uncle. Moses Lake was a sundown town and no blacks or Mexicans were [url=]ray ban aviator red orange[/url]
permitted to live any closer than one mile from the city limits (they made up the bulk of our customers) Black workers on the Eastern Washington dams had to drive 50 to 60 miles to work because they couldn t live near the construction areas. Many commuted from the city of [url=]latest ray ban shades[/url]
Grand Coulee which was segregated by a river that ran through it with blacks on one side and whites on the other.

At his death flying with Wing Luke, Sid Gerber (Gerber Knives) was engaged in trying to [url=]new balance minimus outdoor 10[/url]
place black families within a mile of each other in Seattle in order to break down residential discrimination.

I remember, in the [url=]online sunglasses thailand[/url]
early 50s going to a black after hours joint in the 12th and Boren area with my friend Ed Jones. I was behind Ed in the line to buy [url=]ronaldo refuse donner son maillot israel[/url]
memberships in the Cosmopolitan Athletic Club and the black employees Jim Crowed Ed to wait on me first.