Chileans Protest Promotion of Bishop Who Covered Up Abuse – World – Latin Post

Chileans protested the appointment of a new bishop in [url=]denver broncos jerseys collar[/url]
the city of Osorno.

They accused Bishop Juan Barros of covering up for a priest who sexually abused many teenagers.

Hundreds of protesters stormed the Cathedral of San Mateo de Osorno during the [url=]niederlande deutschland trikot[/url]
ceremony installing Juan Barros as bishop of the city, . The event took place over the weekend, when the protesters, carrying black balloons, stormed interrupted the service and demanded Bishop Barros [url=ñola_baloncesto_2014_525520.html]camiseta seleccion espa?ola baloncesto 2014[/url]

Bishop Barros has been accused of covering up the sexual abuses a priest by the name [url=]ac milan shirt for sale[/url]
of Fernando Karadima committed in the 1980s. The Vatican found Karadima guilty of sexual abusing minors in [url=]camiseta de italia blanca[/url]
2011 and banned him from saying Mass; however, the victims could not pursue legal charges due to technicalities.

Hoping to prevent Bishop Barros’ appointment, activists, victims, politicians and priests wrote to Pope Francis asking him to not follow through, as he had [url=]trikots bayern 2012[/url]
taken a stance against sexual abuse. However, their petition was ignored.