Coach K and West Point- The Road to Duke and the 1st of a Thousand Wins

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is the winningest NCAA men’s basketball coach of all time with a staggering number of victories that has now surpassed 1,000. The journey of a thousand wins begins with a single game, and Coach K’s first job and his first win happened at West Point. 
Coach K’s first team, the 1975 Army Knights, says he was just as intense then as he is now on the sidelines at Duke. His players explain how Coach K has managed to be such a great coach for so many years and the secrets to his famous defense. 
Late-night practices, motivation, patriotism and are all ingredients in Coach K’s recipe for success. See the story behind an unparalleled career and never-before-seen video of Coach K and his 1975 team in this video. 
With special thanks to the United States Army, West Point Athletics, Pete Gaudet, Coach K, Duke University and Blue Devil Network.