Get The Perfect Glow With Indoor Tanning

Get That Perfect Glow with Perfect Tanning
In order to transform your body into the perfect golden shade, you need to follow through with some general tanning tips. These different tanning tips are going to ensure that you can soak up the sun, tanning booth rays or however else you are tanning in order to make sure you obtain the shade you are going for. Of course, for some individuals, their particular skin tone is not going to allow them to reach a certain level of darkness, but you can still tan and bring out the beautiful shade of golden brown, to a certain level, regardless of your skin type. In order to do this though, you need to follow through with these tanning tips. These tips are all designed to provide you with the knowledge required in order to obtain the desired color shade, all while extending the life of your tan and making sure your skin reacts as positive as possible to your tanning sessions. By simply changing and altering a few of the steps you already perform, you can ensure your tan lasts longer and you have beautiful skin throughout the year.



For starters, it is very important for you to exfoliate. This is a process that is going to help ensure you have the very best looking skin, regardless of what shade or skin type you have. It also provides you with healthy looking skin as well. One of the main problems people who go tanning run into is that they do not exfoliate. When someone fails to do this, they are actually going to allow dead skin to build up. While now exfoliating is going to allow the skin to remain dark, it is also going to result in the skin looking patchy as well. This is not a good look, and it contributes to a dry looking skin as well. It is rather easy to exfoliate, you just need to do it when you take a shower daily. When you use a luffa or a shower sponge, this is going to basically rub off the dead skin from your body. Make sure to do this on your face as well. This not only scrubs away the dead skin but it is also going to help prevent breakouts as well. All of this is possible and needs to be done on your own, as if you do not follow through with the exfoliation process, your tan will look uneven and you will also experience additional dirt, oil and other problems around your skin as well.

Wax and Shave

If you are like most individuals, you probably wax and shave in order to remove unwanted hair. Very few of us actually avoid removing hair from our bodies, especially when it comes to legs, face, underarms and the bikini area. However, regardless of where you wax and shave, you want to make sure you do it more than 24 hours before you are set to tan. There are a few different reasons behind why you want to do this, but namely, if you wax immediately before you go into shaving, you are going to have irritated skin. The irritated skin, when exposed to extensive sunlight or UV rays can cause you to experience an assortment of rashes and other problems with your skin. The last thing you want is to leave the tanning both or your time outside and, in a few hours, have a bright red rash burning across your face, back, chest, legs or wherever else you shaved. While some individuals are going to have worse reactions than others, it really is essential for you to do this 24 hours before hand. Typically, shaving your face is not going to run into as many problems, and neither is your legs, as these areas of your body are use to sun exposure and other rough aspects of life. However, other areas on your body, such as the bikini zone, is not use to this kind of wear and tear, and thus, it is important for you to properly shave and wax at least a full day before hand. While you can shave afterwards, as this is also going to help with exfoliation and there are no rules behind it, the shaving before hand is one of the important tanning tips you need to follow.


When it comes to extending the life of your tan and giving you perfect, hydrated skin. Without moisturizer, your skin is going to dry out, especially when exposed to extensive sunlight and UV rays. However, this is not something that you just apply after you have gone tanning, but instead this is something that you need to do on a far regular basis. Potentially the most important time for you to moisturize is right before bead. When you go to sleep and your body is at rest, your body repairs itself at a far faster rate. This includes your skin. By applying the moisturizer before you go to bed, you are able to repair damage that has taken place during the day. Of course, it is also a good idea to moisturize after you have taken a shower, as the water in your shower or bath is going to dehydrate and dry out your skin as well. There are certain areas around your body you need to specifically focus on, including your hands, elbows, knees and ankles. Basically, any area on your body that moves a good deal are areas that you need to apply the moisturizer to. This way, you don’t have to worry about this sorts of issues. When applying the moisturizer to your face though, you probably want a specific, facial moisturizer. Some individuals are not able to use moisturizer that contains oil on their face, as this can cause breakouts and other problems. Due to this, you need to find a specific moisturizer that is oil free. This way, you are able to hydrate your face and the rest of the body, all while avoiding any sort of breakout problems. The more you moisturizer (usually, once in the morning and once in the evening should be good, as doing it too often might result in your body creating more oil to compensate, which can lead to breakouts and other problems), the better off your skin is going to be and the longer your tan is going to last. It is also going to help prevent dead skin buildup, which should be an extremely desirable feature to your body and how you are able to properly enjoy your tan.

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Different Lotions

Of course, there are different kinds of tanning lotions that are available, and you might not really know what the difference is. For starters, lotions that are known as accelerators are going to help activate the melanin, which as stated earlier, is very important in helping your skin absorb the rays and convert it into a darker, longer lasting tan, in a quickly time possible. Bronzers are a tanning lotion that come with a cosmetically added product that is going to help even further darken your skin and give you the nice shimmer that you might be after. There is also a tanning lotion that has something known as tingle. This increases the blood circulation and helps increase the melanin as well. As this increases your blood flow, it is going to allow you to tan faster and deeper. Of course, you are able to exercise and workout in order to increase the blood circulation (there really isn’t anything that can beat working out in terms of blood circulation), but when you are on a short schedule and don’t have time to really workout ahead of time, you are able to simply use the tingle lotion and this is going to help improve your tanning time and help with your overall tanning quality.

One problem, however, is baby oil. This is one of the important tanning tips that are going to help improve your safety. Manny people swear by baby oil and the way it makes their skin feel. While baby oil is nice and it does give that nice, smooth feeling, when mixed with the sun and tanning beds, baby oil used as tanning lotion is actually going to increase the risk of skin cancer and also increase premature aging. The baby oil can also increase the chance of blistering and burning as well. That is why it is very important for you to follow these tanning tips and instead opt into the tanning lotion and the creams that are made specifically for tanning. It is possible to use baby oil after tanning though. There is nothing wrong with this practice, you just need to avoid using it as a tanning lotion. Plus, the oil can actually cause all sorts of damage to tanning beds, so should a tanning service provider discover you are using baby oil while tanning (they are able to detect this when it comes to cleaning the bed and the way the beds age), they might charge you for the damage or simply ban you from coming back to the facility.

There are all sorts of different tanning tips that are important to follow. If you don’t follow some of these tanning tips, you are going to find your tan is not only not going to last as long, but you might actually increase your chance of premature aging. Due to this, you need to follow these easy steps. The steps are not very difficult to follow and probably won’t change the way you tan or your daily routine as well. It is all designed to improve the quality of your tan, reduce the time it takes to tan and give you the beautiful color of skin you desire.