Good Things About Indoor Tanning Lotions

Good Things About Indoor Tanning Lotions

A high-quality indoor tanning lotion that you apply to your skin before entering a tanning bed or tanning booth will…

– Keep your skin moisturized — When tanning, your skin becomes dehydrated from the heat and light. Using an indoor tanning lotion will not only improve your tan — because moist skin tans much better than dry skin — but it will also improve your skin by making it softer and less likely to form wrinkles as quickly as dry skin.

– Save you time & money — Using indoor tanning lotions will accelerate your tan, so you will end up with a deeper, darker tan a lot quicker. This will save you time and money since you won’t have to tan as often.

– Make your tan last longer — By keeping your skin hydrated with an indoor tanning lotion, your skin will avoid peeling, so your tan will last longer.

– Provide nutrients & vitamins to your skin – Indoor tanning lotions tend to contain lots of helpful ingredients that nourish your skin, making it softer and healthier.

– Reduce dry skin – Indoor tanning lotions help to reduce the drying affects of the UV rays. Anti-aging ingredients in these lotions can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of your skin.

– Even out your tan — By hydrating your skin with indoor tanning lotions, your tan will be more even.

– Enhance your tan – Using an indoor tanning lotion on a regular basis can help to enhance the tone of your natural tan and give you that great glow.

– Avoid that “after-tan” odor – Most people experience a smell after tanning that is caused from the bacteria on your skin getting hot from the tanning bed. Many indoor tanning lotions have an anti-bacterial ingredient that will eliminate that odor. Indoor tanning lotions are also fragranced with hundreds of different scents, so you can choose your favorite.

– Develop your tan even after you leave the tanning bed — Some indoor tanning lotions have tan enhancing agents. That way, you don’t stop tanning after you leave the tanning bed. Instead, your tan continues to develop for hours later — which is another reason to wait 2 hours before showering.

– Prevent burning — Although most indoor tanning lotions do not contain SPF, using an indoor tanning lotion can help prevent sunburns since it will keep your skin moisturized.

= Indoor tanning lotions make your money go farther because they shorten the time it takes for your skin to start tanning =