Made salon needs lists


  • Magic Erasers
  • Swiffer Duster refills
  • Windex
  • Black Ink (not sure if extras purchased)
  • Bed’s body spray bottles & refills
  • Lucasol Bottles


  • Air freshener
  • Magic Erasers
  • Amonia/bleach
  • Spray bottle nozzles
  • Lucasol Bottles
  • Body Spray’s for beds
  • Extra head rests
  • extra sanitized signs (brought over 2 of head rests & signs for the beds that were missing them)


  • Folders w/tabs
  • Super glue/Gorilla glue
  • couch cleaner
  • first aid kit
  • Windex gallons


Completed today:

*Found that rm2 phone was unable to be registered because we can only have a total of 12 phones to 1 base, including the base phone as #1.  I thought by un-registering all of them and re-registering them it would let me do it.  I took out phone from rm7, and left set on desk.

*Salon inspection (still need to complete entering it into the report), corrected clenliness issues as I went (major ones)

*Trouble shooted Helios credit card issue & lag time/not responding issues.  As of right now, the CC macheine you have to manually enter, the credit card guys will not be in until monday to help correct this.  The guy I spoke with today said he thinks the machiene is fried.

*Cleaned up the shattered glass from tanning bulb above desk (the glass & powdered shards were EVERYWHERE!)

*Fixed prices and codes as I came across them in the system, there are a lot of prices that are off

*Checked signs: Correct radio signs (working on laminationg ones that are curling , do you still want the lables that say “techno” “antistress” etc on them?)yelp signs are correct, FP scanner is correct, AC signs is correct