‘Miraculous recovery’ leads to sainthood

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every aspect of my life changed in the blink of an eye,” Mahoney recounted.
Her muscles were atrophying while she was in a medically induced coma for 47 days. Mahoney’s parents began praying to Mother Marianne Cope, who had worked at St. Joseph’s hospital more than a century ago.
“You are not negative,” Kate’s mother, Mary Mahoney, said about that time. “It’s not ‘why did God do this,’ any [url=http://coilover-store.com/css/camisa_do_brasil_2014_manga_longa_552412.html]camisa do brasil 2014 manga longa[/url]
of that stuff. It’s ‘here we are.'”
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spread to churches around the world, and soon parishoners from as far as Hawaii and Ireland were praying to Mother Marianne for Kate’s recovery.
Kate’s discharge papers said her recovery could not be explained medically. The church said it was a miracle.
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Kate remembered. “When I would go in to pray I would be bombarded with people who wanted to touch me and talk to me and question me.”
The story of Kate’s survival was presented as the first of two required miracles for Mother Marianne’s canonization into sainthood.
In 2005, Kate traveled to the Vatican to meet [url=http://www.lepavillon-dejade.com/img/argentina_away_jersey_di_maria_415150.html]argentina away jersey di maria[/url]
Pope Benedict XVI during his first-ever canonization for Marianne Cope.
“She was an incredible human being and I’m very grateful to her for the role she had in my life,” Kate said. “So if any small part of that contributes to her history then I’m honored.”
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Saint Marianne is the eleventh U.S. citizen to join sainthood.