Mitchell & Ness Director of Merchandising- "The Giant Dinosaur With The Purple Has Consistently Been In Our Top Selling Jerseys."

Has there been any one [url=]kate spade purse amazon[/url]
particular jersey that you鈥檝e been surprised by the demand for鈥攚hether it be through social media or, you know, people just asking for something鈥攚here you would be like, “Where is this coming from?”
That鈥檚 a good question. I continue to be surprised about the Raptors. I mean, the giant dinosaur with the purple: That鈥檚 consistently been, for the past two or three years, in our top-five selling NBA jerseys. It鈥檚 purple and it鈥檚 got a big dinosaur on it. It’s not what I would think of as what a lot of people would be interested in wearing, but we make it every season because it’s constantly selling out. There鈥檚 just something about that jersey that people love.