Red Sox vs. Phillies lineup- Mike Napoli, David Ortiz remain out

It’s been an awfully long time out for David Ortiz, who is apparently dealing with some more general [url=]tottenham retro football shirts[/url]
health issues past the dehydration that was cited for his initial absence. It’s probably not really time to worry yet–Ortiz has never been the biggest fan of March baseball, hasn’t particularly suffered from missing out on it, and might not exactly be rushing back as a result. So long as it doesn’t touch those old Achilles and wrist injuries, Papi should be fine.
As for Napoli, he’s apparently still swinging the bat, but understandably not interested in running on his ankle lest he turn something that’s nearly a non-issue into something worth worrying about. Better safe than sorry and all that.
First pitch is at 1:05 p.m. with, as yesterday, broadcasts on NESN, the MLB Network (on delay) and WEEI.