Rival Mexico City fire brigades arrive at blaze and start FIGHTING to put it out

Flash point: Officers were brought in to ease tensions, but had to defend themselves [url=http://gwcitychurch.com/private/barcelona_camiseta_suplente_232213.html]barcelona camiseta suplente[/url]
after being attacked by fire fighters聽
‘The police were trying to separate the two groups when they came under attack from the firemen who started punching them, and then more policemen who turned up to stop the fighting were also attacked.
‘It was like something out of a very bad comedy.’
Now furious city officials have demanded an explanation. A spokesman for the council said: ‘This was appalling behaviour from those we employ to safeguard the city.
‘Instead of behaving like public officials they behaved like children in a playground.
‘An investigation is underway and we will not stop until we have got to the bottom of what went on.’
Meanwhile both fire brigades have blamed each other for the fracas and the attack on police.
A police spokesman said: ‘We are assisting the city in their investigation.’