Safe Facts of Tanning Beds

When people think about tanning beds, they usually think of two things – a dark, golden tan and risk of cancer. While it is true that tanning beds come with risks, this article will address some of the safe facts of tanning beds. The fact is that people love to be tan and as long as there are people on Earth, there will be people tanning, whether outdoors or at an indoor tanning salon. With all types of tanning, special considerations need to be a part of the equation to ensure a person does not burn. The good news is that there are options to make tanning both a success and safe.

For starters, one of the safe facts of tanning beds is that the light emitted from the equipment (for quality beds) consists of about 40% less UVB rays than what the sun produces. UVB rays are the dangerous rays, the ones that can cause cancer. Being able to tan but not have the high exposure to these powerful forms of radiation is indeed a good thing. Therefore, by choosing to tan indoors, you actually have more control over the ratio of UVB versus UVA rays and the amount of time you tan.

In addition, tanning beds can be safer than the sun since the equipment is designed with filters. Because of this, people generally tan more than they do burn. With UVA radiation, vitamin D is produced, which is an excellent form of calcium that stays in the body’s bloodstream. Although many people still think the only true source of vitamin D is from the sun, keep in mind that many tanning beds also emit the UVA rays, thus also providing adequate levels of this important vitamin.

Just as there are tanning products for outdoor tanning, you can also purchase tanning lotion, oils, and creams that are made specifically for indoor tanning. While these products promote a better, healthier tan, they also add some protection against harmful rays. Therefore, if you decide to use indoor tanning as a means of getting a tan, you might check out some of the current products, choosing one that best matches your skin type.

Just remember that indoor tanning does in fact have many benefits and if respected, it can be relatively safe. As with anything, too much of a good thing can cause problems. Therefore, while you might want a tan quickly, you would do best to tan in short five minute increments and allow several weeks to a month to achieve your goal. The results can be amazing.