Tanning Tip & Facts

Did you know…
Drinking plenty of water will help hydrate your skin and extend the life of your tan
If you’re using a bronzer with DHA, you shouldn’t shower for 4 hours after tanning to allow lotion to soak in
Tanning on a schedule keeps your tan from fading
Tanning at the maximum time you can handle without burning and gradually increasing your time will help you get the deep and lasting tan you desire
Working out before you tan helps increase blood circulation and excites tanning pigment cells
Upgrading to a higher level bed decreases the time it takes to tan, and increases the darkness of your tan.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I Use Lotion?

A: Using lotion helps activate the melanin in your skin so you tan faster and darker. It also saves you time and money. Moisturized skin tans faster and it helps you get better tanning results in fewer sessions.

Q: What’s all this talk about Vitamin D?

A: Tanning helps the body produce Vitamin D which helps boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen muscles, bones, and teeth.

Q:What type of lotion should I use?

A: Depends on what you’re looking for of course. Lotions with Accelerators moisturize your skin and help activate the melanin which helps your skin tan. Lotions with Bronzers cosmetically tan skin and add an extra level of darkness. Lotions with Tingle increase the blood circulation and excite melanin to the top layer of skin helping you tan faster.

Q: Can I Use Baby Oil For a Tanning Lotion?

A:Tanning is a popular pastime for many men and women. Many people enjoy the way the skin looks with a darker color. Many tanners learn that baby oil can give them a deeper tan, but this practice can be dangerous and even increase the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. And while using baby oil may contribute to speeding up the tanning process, it can also mean speeding up the burning process. Baby Oil before tanning can also lead to severe blisters and sun burn.

Baby oil is good for the skin after tanning but bad for the beds. Baby oil will damage the acrylics on the tanning beds. As it damages the beds, the salons need to replace the acrylics, which increases the costs of operation, which ultimately means higher prices for you.

Sunburst Tanning carries a wide variety of tanning lotions which are formulated specifically to protectively moisture your skin without damaging the tanning beds. And as always, be sure to use a good moisturizer after you’re done with your tanning session. Moisture helps with overall skin health. Tanning lotions need to be water based or aloe based, anything oild based will not be permitted in the beds