Tanning Tips

For a tan that “sticks” even longer, exfoliate right before visiting the salon. This will expose a fresh layer of skin that won’t shed for a while, although it may also increase your chances of getting a sunburn.
If you have sensitive skin, it’s best not to exfoliate or wax less than 24 hours before visiting a tanning salon.
Check for skin cancer and do a breast self examination regularly.
Moist skin tans better – stay hydrated, and be lavish with your favourite body lotion!
Don’t shower directly after, let the melanin in your skin absorb the tan, it’s a good idea to shower before and then bathe the next day if you can wait that long.
Tanning won’t be as efficient if you’re very hairy. Consider shaving or waxing first.
It is usually expected that after you finish with the machine, you wipe up any remaining sweat you might have left in the bed with the small towel. This reduces the time they have to take when they clean the bed before someone else uses it. It also saves you from some embarrassment.