Top Ten Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Family Car

Your days of reckless sport cars and sexy convertibles are over. As a parent you seek safety, security, easy access and lots and lots of [url=]green bay packers jerseys aaron rodgers white[/url]
room. Or if you are expecting children but are in denial that you will eventually need a family car, read on. This list is for you.
When I was pregnant and in the market for a new car I remember checking facts and stats and choosing to purchase the safest rated car on the road. But that was nine years ago, things have changed since then. Now family cars have cool perks and safety features that didn鈥檛 exist back then. I was recently a passenger in my besties new family car for a girl鈥檚 night out on the town (No kids!).
As she cautiously backs up in an underground parking garage I suddenly hear an ear piercing danger alert go off Beep! Beep! Beep! The dashboard starts flashing to coincide with the beeping 鈥?our very own concert! The car is looking out for our safety and beeping at us because we are too close to another car. Brilliant!聽 I love this beeping machine of danger! I later learn it鈥檚 called a back up blind spot detection system (Or reverse parking camera).
In search of other criteria that parents look for in a family car I polled numerous friends, acquaintances and parents in baby groups, many with two or three kids, some with four.
With this information I compiled a list of the top ten things many parents consider before purchasing a new family car. 聽Here you go!